FRESH BEGINNINGS New York owners, Elias Betzios, George Liolis and Manny Tzelios, blend their three names together to create Ellio’s, and a Northeast icon is born.
1963 Ellio’s is an instant hit in schools because its rectangular slices perfectly fit the lunchroom tray. Right about the same time, the toaster oven becomes its new best friend.
1969 Astronauts walk on the moon. Rumor has it they ate Ellio’s on the moon, yet we can’t confirm.
1970s Cool slang words were being tossed around like freebies. Psyche! Far Out! Dream on! Catch you on the flip side! Right on! Can you dig it? And, of course, Ellio’s, which is still hip to say.
1980 United States Olympic Hockey Team defeats Soviet Union in semifinals of Winter Olympics, called the Miracle on Ice. Moms think Ellio’s is the Miracle in the Toaster Oven.
1983 MTV’s music videos become a cultural phenomenon. Sorry MTV, but Ellio’s already was one, and we’re still here and as popular as ever.
1989 Milli Vanilli turned out to be lip-syncing, whereas Ellio’s is as real as it gets, using 100% real lip-smacking ingredients.
1990 "Home Alone" asks, "What could happen if my 8-year-old was left home alone? Short answer is, "No problem." With Ellio’s in the house, they can make their own lunch and dinner in under 13 minutes.
1993 Curt Schilling ate Ellio’s before every game. Talk about a winning combination.
2008 Ellio’s adds two varieties: Italian Sausage & Pepperoni and Supreme. Lines are forming in front of every toaster oven in America.
2008 Ellio’s launches Facebook page, making the community hungry for more.
2011 Turns out that the government really may be run by cheese-loving 12-year-olds — they have decided that pizza totally counts as a vegetable. Woot! Woot! Ellio’s for president.
2012 Five Cheese Pizza is launched. Mozzarella, Parmesan, Romano, fontina, Asiago. Gimme five!
2014 Pizzeria Style is launched. Corner pizza parlors take notice.