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What's the best way to cook my Ellio's Pizza?

It's a matter of preference of course! For crisper crust: Put pizza directly on oven rack. Bake to desired doneness or until cheese has melted (11-12 minutes conventional oven at 425°, 12-13 minutes toaster oven). For softer crust: Place pizza on a nonstick baking sheet (13-14 minutes conventional oven at 425°, 14-15 minutes toaster oven).

How can I get coupons for your pizza?

Check our site frequently for the latest promotions we’re running, including coupon giveaways! And be sure to follow Ellio’s on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. You never know what crazy prizes we’ll be giving away next!

How is Ellio's pronounced? El-li-os or E-lli-os, with a long ''E'' sound?

It is correct either way. Depending on what part of the USA you are from, you may pronounce it “E-lli-os” with a long “E” sound (as in the word “bee”) or “El-li-os” with a short “E” (as in the word “elephant”). Tomâto, Tomäto – you get the picture.

Can Ellio's Pizza be refrozen if it was allowed to thaw?

We cannot assure the safety or quality after such incidents. For the best quality, Ellio's pizzas must remain continuously frozen until cooking.

How do I contact Ellio's Pizza to tell them how much I love Ellio's or to ask a question?

You may reach us by mail, phone or email. Mail: Send your comments to us at Ellio’s Consumer Affairs Dept., 11 Gregg St Lodi, NJ 07644. Phone: 1-201-368-0601 - or use our Contact form.

Is Ellio’s gluten free?

Our pizza crust is made using wheat flour, which contains gluten.

When should I eat my Ellio's? Does it have an expiration date?

To enjoy Ellio’s at its best, please consume before the "Enjoy by" date marked on the package.

Does Ellio’s Pizza contain any peanuts or tree nuts?

We do not bring any peanut- or tree nut-sourced ingredients onto the manufacturing floor of our facility, where Ellio’s pizzas are made.