Mozzarella cheese
Koosh ball
Toaster oven

Hot, Fresh, 4 corners of love.

Original Crust

Original Crust - Cheese Pizza


Smile and say, “cheese!”
Ellio’s is made with 100%
real mozzarella cheese.
It’s so real, it’s unreal.

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Original Crust - Pepperoni Pizza


This box is rocking with smoky pepperoni as its topping. Nobody can resist this tasty kick in the kisser.

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Original Crust - Supreme Pizza


Italian sausage, pepperoni, green and red bell peppers, toss on flavorful onions and 100% real mozzarella.

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Original Crust - Five Cheese Pizza

five cheese

Cheese cravers, cheer loudly! Mozzarella, parmesan, Romano, fontina and Asiago give your mouth a high-five!

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Original Crust - Sausage Pepperoni Pizza

italian sausage & pepperoni

Why choose between Italian sausage and pepperoni when you can enjoy both together? This is for real meat lovers. Come get smothered with love.

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Original Crust - Extra Cheese

extra cheese

We know how much you delight in the fresh farm taste of our 100% mozzarella cheese, so we’ve given you more of it. EXTRAordinary!

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sicilian style crust

Ellio’s Sicilian Style Pizza combines the taste of Ellio's classic sauce and 33% more cheese with a delicious, thicker crust that is both crispy and crunchy on the outside, and deliciously light on the inside.

Sicilian Style Crust - Five Cheese Pizza

sicilian style
five cheese

This special five cheeser comes with a thicker, crispy crust and our crazy savory sauce. It’s a combination taste sensation.

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Sicilian Style Crust - Pepperoni Pizza

sicilian style

Kick out the jams with the zing of pepperoni, tasty, tangy sauce, and thicker pizzeria style crunchy crust.

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Twelve, 4-cornered Breadsticks to a box makes them a great snack for sharing…or not.

Breadsticks - Cheesy


Made with 100% real cheese, they’re the cheesiest Breadsticks you’ll ever love.

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Breadsticks - Parmesan

parmesan & garlic

Made with 100% real Parmesan & Garlic, they’re super-duper savory.

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