Sicilian Style Pepperoni PizzaNovember 27, 2018admin

We bring you our pepperoni and our 100% real mozzarella on top of our authentically thicker Sicilian style crust. Can you handle love this authentic? We know you can!

Sicilian Style Five Cheese Pizzaadmin

This five cheeser is a splendid blend of 100% real mozzarella, parmesan, Romano, fontina and Asiago cheeses; our crazy, savory sauce, all topped on a fresh, crispy, crunchy crust. This melt-in-your-mouth combination keeps on melting.

Breadsticks CheesyNovember 26, 2018admin

Ellio’s put a whole lotta love into bringing you and your crew a whole new way to love your Ellio’s! New Ellio’s Cheesy Breadsticks. Just like Ellio’s, they’re made with 100% real cheese and have our famous and wholesome 4-cornered, crispy crust.

These are NO wimpy, breakable breadsticks. They’re one-inch wide and with just minutes in the toaster oven, they serve up crispy on the outside with a fresh and chewy inside — satisfying everyone’s hunger for an awesome snack. And with twelve Ellio’s Breadsticks in a box, there are plenty to pass around.

Extra Cheese Pizzaadmin

We know how much you delight in the fresh, creamy taste of our real 100% Mozzarella cheese, so we gave you more of it. Now, when you sink your teeth into this EXTRAordinary pizza, you’ll taste EXTRA cheese, feel EXTRA love, and want to share any EXTRA. NOT!

Italian Sausage and Pepperoni Pizzaadmin

Why choose between Italian sausage and pepperoni when you can enjoy both together, right now? Yes, meat lovers, we heard you, and we’re ready to smother you with love.

Five Cheese Pizzaadmin

This is a special, splendid blend of 100% real mozzarella, parmesan, Romano, fontina and Asiago cheeses piled on top of a crispy, crunchy crust with a crazy, savory sauce. It’s a high five for your mouth!

Supreme Pizzaadmin

Close your eyes and imagine Italian sausage, smoky pepperoni, green and red bell peppers, flavorful onions, 100% real mozzarella, all on top of a wholesome, crispy, crunchy crust — fresh from the toaster oven. Open up and say, “Aah, Ellio’s.”

Pepperoni Pizzaadmin

Kick out the jams with the zing of peppy pepperoni, the awesomeness of tangy sauce, and the wholesomeness of a crispy, golden crust, which will have your mouth rocking out.

Cheese Pizzaadmin

Smile and say, “Cheese!” Ellio’s classic pizza is made with 100% real mozzarella cheese; real, crazy, savory sauce and four corners of real, crispy, crunchy crust. It also bakes up real fast in the toaster oven. You could say it’s so real it’s unreal.