November 22, 2016

Ellio’s Turkey Day Leftovers Melt!

We know you’ve got plenty of good food wrapped up in the fridge, and you probably don’t feel like cooking a big meal for a while. Well, you’re in luck, because this melt couldn’t be any easier to put together. To get started, all you’ll need is a few of those delicious leftovers.

In this edition of Ellio’s Pizza Hacks, we’re getting creative with those leftover Turkey Day favorites. We’ve pulled out our turkey scraps, a little bit of stuffing and, of course, some sweet jelly cranberry sauce. Those are the necessities, but feel free to break out the yams and collards, too!

Our goal is to keep the recipe simple, but you can add as many ingredients as you dare. We also mostly use store-brand ingredients, and the results are always tasty. You can make these with any of our pizzas, but this video features our Extra Cheese Pizza, which comes in a 6-slice serving. Now, let’s make something tasty with that leftover turkey!

What You’ll Need and Suggested Portions:
1 box of Ellio’s Pizza
Chopped leftover turkey
Sliced jelly cranberry sauce
2 piles of turkey stuffing
1 slice of your favorite cheese
1-2 dollops of mayonnaise
1 tablespoon of butter

How the Magic Happens:
1. Gather up your favorite Turkey Day leftover staples.
2. Slice up a new can of jelly cranberry sauce, because you probably have a few in the pantry.
3. Toast your Ellio’s Pizza slice for about 10 minutes in the toaster oven and cut in half.
4. Spread a little bit of mayonnaise on each side of your pizza (this is optional, of course).
5. Pile the stuffing onto each side.
6. Place your turkey scraps on top of the stuffing.
7. Top the turkey with desired amount of cranberry slices.
8. Toss your favorite slice of cheese on top of the cranberry.
9. Melt a little bit of butter in a skillet on medium heat.
10. Finally, place both sides of your soon-to-be pizza melts in the skillet, and allow cheese to melt.
11. Scarf ‘em down!

We hope you had a blast building your own Ellio’s Turkey Day Leftovers Melt. If you followed along at home, we’d love to see the finished product. Follow us on Instagram @OfficialElliosPizza, and when you tag #ElliosGram in your photos, we just might regram your Ellio’s creations. Keep checking back with us for more Ellio’s Pizza Hacks.